way huge swollen pickle

The Swollen Pickle is a muff-based fuzz. The name is a peurile play on the genitalia motif, with muff slang for vagina and, conversely, pickle slang for penis. Nothing better than some engorged sex organs. This is the first pedal I ever bought myself. I saved up some money lifeguarding and bought the fuzz pedal that I had heard that Brian Cook from Russian Circles used. I bought it used for $80 from the local Sam Ash. Funnily enough, the guy from whom I was buying it asked me right as I was going to check out "Do you know whose Pickle that is?" and I of course replied that I didn't. He said that it used to be his, which is pretty funny. He wasn't some asshole middle-aged dad rocker though; he was a 20-something guy wearing a cardigan, which is honestly pretty interesting to see at a major chain music retailer. He was always a good sport about letting me try pedals and basses and amps out. As for the pedal: for whatever reason, I remember never liking any of the sounds I could get out of it, so I ended up selling it. This was a couple years ago, so I never snagged a picture. It was probably before my ear for tone was really developed, before I understood what the controls do, how I like them, what I should be looking for, that kinda stuff; I just wanted to plug in and play some heavy doom licks and was disappointed when it didn't quite work like that. I'm sure having a solid state amp didn't do me any favors, either. I graduated to the Earthquaker Hoof and kept it rolling from there.