strymon el capistan

The El Cap is an unbelievable delay. It was the first boutique pedal I ever bought and is currently most expensive pedal in my collection. I've had it for around five years at this point and am still constantly blown away by it. Initially I got it to use as a Boards of Canada machine, but I kept falling in love with it for different uses as I spent more time with it. Turning the reverb and repeats up creates these immense, scenic textures, and one can float away on the near-infinite repeats. I personally find modulated delay to be exceptionally corny, so I generally leave the wow & flutter completely off; but, the alternate function of the wow & flutter knob is tape crinkle, and setting that pretty high adds some lovely and unexpected degradations in the repeats, which is really special. I tend to have that set pretty high, around 3 or 4 or so, and at this setting some high-frequency overtones get introduced in the signal, adding an otherwordly atmosphere. Even just messing with the time knob is a lot of fun: it can make those over-the-top laser sounds or wind-like whooshing depending on which delay mode it's set on. And the looper is absolutely a Boards of Canada machine, and it's tons of fun to add that "nostalgic" something to my playing. This is probably the only pure delay I'll ever need to own: it does so much, it does everything I need, it does everything I want, and it does it all so well.