mantic vitriol

The Mantic Vitriol is a high-gain distortion and probably the best drive pedal I've used on bass. I was running a Rat in this spot before, but it wasn't holding enough low end for the doom band. I was compensating by adjusting the EQ on my bass to push out more low frequencies, which kinda worked, but mostly made the distortion come out like farty, blown-out mush—and not the good kind. My J bass has a hotter output than many other basses which probably adds to the issues as well. The Vitriol, in contrast, is able to handle the high input, keep all of the low freqs, and add more. On a technical level it performs well, but musically it sounds incredible. Huge and grindy, and extremely versatile. It has a very distinct voice and retains clarity, even when playing power chords as low as F# or introducing an absurd amount of gain. It's an essential for punk and doom, and could easily be used wherever else one needs a distortion. It's absolutely one of my favorite pedals I've had the pleasure of playing.