fuzzrocious grey stache

The Grey Stache is a fuzz based on the Russian-made civil war Muff. I haven't had the pleasure of playing one of the progenitors, but I've been fortunate enough to play the Fuzzrocious rendition. It's an absolute beast of a fuzz, covering a wide swath of tones and always sounding full. I generally run it with the mids dimed, tone around 8 or 9, and sustain to the right side of noon—usually dimed. This creates a dark and extremely full and rich signal, and it provides some of the compression that gets it gnarly and blown out in such an elegant way. It's an aggressive fuzz but it has a "roundness" to it that doesn't make it overbearing or overly obnoxious. It handles a hot signal like a champ as well. Just an awesome pedal, all around. It was the prime contender for kicking the Hoof off my baord after its four-year reign, as it is voiced a bit darker and thicker and retains low freqs better. It's essentially the sound I hear in my head when I think of "fuzz."